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Parts Information

Western Construction Components

We at Western Construction Components offer you a complete line of parts for your existing equipment, including the large Hydraulic 5 stage lift cylinders and the pneumatic air cylinders for lift gates. Please view the list of parts shown below, if you don't see what your needing please contact us.

Western Construction Components will do whatever is needed to take care of all your parts and service needs and requirements.

Western Construction Components

We offer you a Complete Line of Hydraulics

Hydraulics Cylinders

Pumps, Motors, Tanks, PTO, Valves


Complete Line of Axles, Suspension Parts, Hydraulics Cylinders, Pneumatic Cylinders and Much MORE

Western offers a Complete Line of

Axles & Suspension Parts


Pneumatic Cylinders and Products


Dump Bodies - Dump Trailers

Bottom Dump Trailers

And Much MORE!!!!

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